Theodoros has been involved in the art of photography for many years. His
involvement has helped him redefine the meaning and purpose of Art in general. Through
photography, which is considered for him a form of creation, expression but also a form of
“revelation”, the artist approaches the world and reality from a more dualistic perspective.
Photography, indeed, works for him as an internal process, but also as a necessity that
captures or sometimes transforms the “visible world”, aiming at the search of the “Essence”.
He searches, guided by his consciousness and imagination, the concepts behind the
illustration. For this reason, he does not only capture objects, places, landscapes, people and
situations, but symbolically reveals the world of ideas and gives meaning to it.
He occasionally captures spontaneous self-deprecating images and sceneries that
inspire him; he sometimes directs his photographs by creating metaphors and symbols. He
seeks to make the observer of his work a part of his ideas and emotions by stimulating his
psyche and consciousness. The ultimate purpose of his works is to look behind the pictures.
He basically photographs whatever he would like to paint.
The technology and medium he uses are of secondary importance, as his purpose is
not solely the “beauty” itself, the awareness of the vision, the “two-dimensional and instant
motion” of photography and just the mechanical representation of reality. The light, the
forms, the frame where he discovers behind the photographic lens, the hidden “truths”, the
“identities” and timeless “meanings” are significant for him. After all, he does not consider
himself a photographer, but rather a painter, who uses a camera instead of traditional shapes
and colors, such as the brush, the pencil.
His whole involvement with photography begins in 1992, when he discontinues his studies
at Moraitis School to pursue what he actually loved, and studies in Italy at I.E.D. (Istituto
Europeo di Design) in Rome.
His continuous involvement with the art of photography is expanded in different cities and
countries, which is a way for him to search and express himself.
The cities where he has lived in the past and received artistic influence are Rome, Milan,
Munich, Budapest and Athens of course.
He defines the concept of Art by using the quote
“Art is considered to be something fantastic that tends to be truer than reality”…

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